The Classic Candlestick


This year we decided to make July a ‘rest month’ – but that doesn’t mean that we’ve been loafing about watching the tennis and the cricket. Certainly not! We’ve taken a rest from shows this month and dedicated ourselves to spending some much needed time in the workshop, making pieces and indulging in some new designs (watch this space…).

Our workshop Pin-Up this month has to be the ‘Classic Candlestick’. Amid the exciting stages of prototyping new designs and seeking out new shows to exhibit them at, we’ve found ourselves returning to this soothingly simple yet pleasingly elegant piece, proving that not all the best designs are the most complicated. Indeed, the Classic Candlestick is so simple that is almost a line-drawing rendered in 3-D in sterling silver.

Ode to the Spoon


Our faithful followers will notice a change in our blog this week – we hope you like our new look!

The great news is we can now post videos on our blog as well as pictures, so watch this space for footage of the workshop and glimpses of the silversmithing that goes on in it…

In preparation for our next show at West Dean College this weekend (click here for more info) we thought we’d kick things off with a video about the making of spoons. Used throughout the history of man by kings and paupers alike to consume everything from soup to desserts, the spoon is both essential and universal – why not make it beautiful as well?

Workshop Mascot

This month we would like to warmly welcome the newest member of the workshop team. Introducing Mr George Bingley, who will be our acting workshop mascot for 2015!


Mr Bingley, known to us simply as ‘Bingley’, joined the team in January and has settled in very well over the last few months. He found time in his busy schedule, however, to tell us a little bit about himself and comment on his time in the workshop so far.