Portrait of a Workshop

Brett Payne-210417-170

Over a trillion photographs will have been taken worldwide before the end of this year. It’s never been easier to show others where you are and what you’re doing at any given moment of the day. The trick, it seems, is to remember to take the picture in the first place! All too often we get caught up in what we’re doing in the workshop and only once a task is completed does it occur to us that it might have made an interesting video or photo.

Over the last few weeks, photographer Ben Boswell and filmmaker Mathy Selvakumaran have photographed and filmed us on two separate ordinary days in the workshop. The resulting photographs (below) and short film (above) capture the day-to-day detail of our workshop – the things and the faces that aren’t usually the focus of our posts.

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Brett Payne-210417-220
Tongs and Clamps – used when hot-forging to grip the piece of silver as it comes off the hearth
Brett Payne-210417-148
Quenching bucket – used to cool the silver after forging
Brett Payne-210417-10
Nick at the polishing spindle
Brett Payne-210417-178
Brett and (part of) his hammer collection: Hammer rack or Anorak?
Brett Payne-210417-74
Raising a Carafe in Britannia Silver
Brett Payne-210417-155
Constructing a Crown Candelabrum: testing the drip pan