Strutt your stuff


One of the questions we are most frequently asked when we demonstrate our XY Candlesticks at a show is, “Do they come with instructions?”

The truth is, the XYs have natural poise, natural rhythm and love to dance. Like all perfect dance partners, whatever arrangements you choose for them they will always compliment one another beautifully.


To show them off at their best change the configuration regularly and experiment with asymmetrical as well as symmetrical arrangements. Don’t forget, if you try a new configuration and decide it doesn’t suit your mood, you can always change it. The key is not to over-think the choreography but to enjoy the dance. That’s really all the instruction you need!

2016-06-06 17.01.19
White gloves prevent finger marks, add to the drama and are included with every purchase!

If you’re still wanting to ‘up your game’ you can always watch a video or two on our blog for inspiration or come and see us ‘live’ at one of our many show destinations. There’s still plenty of time to see us before Christmas in Sevenoaks, Crowthorne, Edinburgh, Winchester and Hamburg. Check the Events page on our website for more details.