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Fibonacci Vase

Those of you who visited our stand at Goldsmiths’ Fair this year will have noticed the three new pieces we have been making over the summer – a series of solid silver vases.


This summer project has allowed us to combine our signature sculptural hot-forgings with the technique of raising, a process that requires patience and precision and uses a more delicate hammer than Brett’s favourite 1.5 kilo forging tool.

Inspiraton for the larger of these three vases was drawn originally from the Fibonacci Curve, also known as the Golden Spiral (although we prefer silver!), a mathematical formular expressed in a curve that holds the key to some of nature’s most intricate patterns and sequences, including the fruitlets of a pineapple and the ancestry of honey bees!

Make some noise!

Photo 20-06-2016, 17 21 33

There’s no denying that silversmithing is noisy! Luckily our workshop shares a building with over 70 other makers, all banging, whirring, tapping and tinkering away, so we don’t have too many complaints from our neighbours…

Some silversmithing processes are noisier than others, some involve machinery and others make use of relatively low technology. We’ve compiled a selection of the main offenders for your listening pleasure!

Forging Masterclass

Not many people know that this is what happens when you heat silver:

After a busy September exhibiting in Edinburgh, London, Salisbury and Sevenoaks, we were overdue some workshop time this October! We were very pleased to welcome to the workshop Loucinda Nims, winner of the Contemporary British Silversmiths’ ‘Design in Silver’ award, for a masterclass in silver hot-forging.

Workshop Mascot

This month we would like to warmly welcome the newest member of the workshop team. Introducing Mr George Bingley, who will be our acting workshop mascot for 2015!


Mr Bingley, known to us simply as ‘Bingley’, joined the team in January and has settled in very well over the last few months. He found time in his busy schedule, however, to tell us a little bit about himself and comment on his time in the workshop so far.

Happy New Year!

Sunrise over Crown Candelabrum
Sunrise over Crown Candelabrum

2015 has well and truly dawned and we’ve decided to get the workshop off to a positive start by opening it up to you!

Top of our New Year’s Resolution list (just above ‘keep workshop tidier’ and ‘stop buying hammers on eBay’…) is ‘start workshop blog’, so here we are!

If you own a piece of our silverware already, this is your chance to take a peek behind the scenes at the workshop where your piece was made.