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Contemporary British Silversmith

Make some noise!

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There’s no denying that silversmithing is noisy! Luckily our workshop shares a building with over 70 other makers, all banging, whirring, tapping and tinkering away, so we don’t have too many complaints from our neighbours…

Some silversmithing processes are noisier than others, some involve machinery and others make use of relatively low technology. We’ve compiled a selection of the main offenders for your listening pleasure!

A host of golden daffodils

For Easter 2016, we’re exchanging the traditional pastel colours and chocolate eggs for the fresh green of new growth and budding ideas! Along with an updated look for our blog, we’ve been working on a range of new pieces to show and sell at events throughout the year.

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Nothing says ‘Happy Easter!’ like a bunch of daffodils and we’ve been celebrating with our hand-chased, sterling silver vase



‘Loading up the wagon’ in Salisbury Cathedral Close, September 2015

Those of our readers who come to visit us at shows throughout the year will know that ‘we get about a bit’. At least once a month we’re on the road, exchanging our leather aprons for white cotton gloves and the noise of the workshop for the buzz of a craft fair.

Our mission takes us all over the country and the variety of landscape, scenery and people which we encounter along the way give us plenty to look forward to at the beginning of each month. This year we have particularly enjoyed a run of shows in the cathedral towns of England.

Forging Masterclass

Not many people know that this is what happens when you heat silver:

After a busy September exhibiting in Edinburgh, London, Salisbury and Sevenoaks, we were overdue some workshop time this October! We were very pleased to welcome to the workshop Loucinda Nims, winner of the Contemporary British Silversmiths’ ‘Design in Silver’ award, for a masterclass in silver hot-forging.


As the BBC raises the curtain on a new series of Strictly Come Dancing, we’ve been getting in the mood for a packed schedule of shows and exhibitions in the run up to Christmas. We’ve had a busy start to the autumn, with events in Salisbury and Edinburgh already under our belts but there are still shows in Sevenoaks, Winchester and Hereford yet to come! Not to mention the famed Goldsmiths’ Fair in London – always a glitzy affair.

Goldsmiths' Fair, 2014
Goldsmiths’ Fair, 2014

We’ve been polishing up our silverware and preparing our new pieces for their debut appearances – even the candlesticks have been rehearsing their steps.

The Butler Did It

Advertisement for 'Punch' Magazine, 1939
Advertisement for ‘Punch’ Magazine, 1939

‘It’s all to clean…’

With the recent popularity of programmes such as ‘Downton Abbey’ we can’t help noticing the extensive silver services such households would have used at every mealtime – even the afternoon tea was served on a silver tray with a silver teapot and tea spoons. Keeping all of that silver polished and pristine must have been a mammoth task – how did they manage it? The butler did it, of course!

The Classic Candlestick


This year we decided to make July a ‘rest month’ – but that doesn’t mean that we’ve been loafing about watching the tennis and the cricket. Certainly not! We’ve taken a rest from shows this month and dedicated ourselves to spending some much needed time in the workshop, making pieces and indulging in some new designs (watch this space…).

Our workshop Pin-Up this month has to be the ‘Classic Candlestick’. Amid the exciting stages of prototyping new designs and seeking out new shows to exhibit them at, we’ve found ourselves returning to this soothingly simple yet pleasingly elegant piece, proving that not all the best designs are the most complicated. Indeed, the Classic Candlestick is so simple that is almost a line-drawing rendered in 3-D in sterling silver.

Ode to the Spoon


Our faithful followers will notice a change in our blog this week – we hope you like our new look!

The great news is we can now post videos on our blog as well as pictures, so watch this space for footage of the workshop and glimpses of the silversmithing that goes on in it…

In preparation for our next show at West Dean College this weekend (click here for more info) we thought we’d kick things off with a video about the making of spoons. Used throughout the history of man by kings and paupers alike to consume everything from soup to desserts, the spoon is both essential and universal – why not make it beautiful as well?