Mulled Wine Mid-Winter

2014-12-25 16.04.19

This time of year is all about beating those January blues and keeping out the cold, so the workshop favourite for this month has got to be the silver saucepan.

We’ve been using it to finish off the last of the Christmas mulled wine – the perfect winter warmer!

The solid britannia silver heats the wine nice and quickly, so there’s no waiting around when you come in from the snow and its *ahem* modest size ensures that a warming after-work tipple doesn’t leave you too tipsy!

If mulled wine isn’t your thing, why not turn to the trusty tin of Heinz tomato soup as your winter comfort? Humble food, luxury saucepan – what could be easier or more cheering after a dark January day?

The saucepan is great for heating milk for porridge on frosty mornings too! Hot stuff in a cold snap!

IMG_0456When you’re done, simply wash up and leave to drain as you would do with any other saucepan.

DSC_4802If you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, you’ll know the kind of utensils you use most for your tasty signature dishes. We can make the saucepan any size you like to adapt to your favourite foods and recipes.